January 19, 2018

The Richard Bey Show – To Wed or Not To Wed

Virginia is and 48 wants to marry 18-year old TJ, but her 16-year-old son says their whole plan is sickening! Mike was Amy’s first love. She just left her husband to be with him, but now she’s unsure whether to marry him! Tracy and John have had four different engagement rings, but they have yet to get married! Nellie and Anthony will be parents in literally minutes, but they can’t decide if they should get married because they can’t stand each other! The show concludes when the guests reveal secrets during the “To Wed or Not to Wed-ly Mr. or Miss-matched Game”!

The Richard Bey Show – The Final Word

Sharida and Kedji last appeared on “Prom Date Disasters”, but KG couldn’t get a word in because of Sahreeda’s big mouth. Kim appeared on “Dictator Daughters” with her 14 year old daughter, Corina (pictured), a hot little tomato with a saucy attitude. If anyone knows what Corina is up to these days please contact us! Sheryl was told she was a roomate from hell on a previous episode, and she’s back to defend herself! Wayne appeared with Stacy on “Three Strikes You’re Out”, and this cheater is back to defend is wild ways!

The Richard Bey Show – Staff Makeovers

Richard makes over members of his staff! Featured staff members include Scotty, Carrie, Michelle, Elizabeth, Griselle, Carol, Jeanine, and Anthony. The game concludes with Bey’s Family Feud with the topic of “Plastic Surgery Talk Show Hosts”!

The Richard Bey Show – Richard, I Love You!

Guests on today’s show love The Richard Bey Show. They’re such big fans that they’re here to say, “Richard, I love you!” It’s a salute to the show’s most passionate, devoted, and crazy fans! By the end of the show, you will saying, “Where do they find these people?!”

The Richard Bey Show – You’re Not Good Enough For My Brother!

Sisters on today’s show say … I hate your girlfriend! I hate your fiance! I hate your wife! And she’ll never be a part of this family unless its over my dead body! The show finishes with the “Race for the Ring” dating game and Richard marries the winner in a fake talk show wedding!

The Richard Bey Show – My Near Death Experience Changed My Life!

Carrie died in a motorcycle accident but came back to life. Brian’s brush with death resulted in a close encounter with a dead relative. Christina drowned when she was 11 and is back to tell us about her new psychic abilities www.psychicjourney.com . Ezell believes that he saw Abraham Lincoln when he died. Richard died of a heart attack, and is here to tell his tale. Some guests have a chance to show off their new psychic abilities and don’t disappoint by demonstrating their absolute lack of any psychic abilities! Of course, all guests are treated with the dignity and respect due any guest on The Richard Bey Show! Some of the guest even offer free psychic readings

The Richard Bey Show – My Husband Is A Monster

Stripper Valerie says that her boxer husband of only five months is a womanizer. Lucille says that her truck driver boyfriend has been banging multiple women on the side. Richie has his girlfriend on 30 day lockdown because he’s so jealous and controlling. Kimberly complains that her mistrustful boyfriend follows her every move. Karen’s boyfriend is jealous of her even though he’s the one who split the cost of a prostitute with a friend! Liars are put to the test when when we hear from “The Voice of Truth”! Secrets are revealed as the guests compete in the Monster Mash Musical Chairs. The show concludes with one lucky monster getting messy in “Bey’s House of Horrors”!

The Richard Bey Show – My Cheatin’ Man

Mike claims he wasn’t cheating on his fiance with a stripper, Melissa. Well, Melissa is also is on the show to tell Mike’s fiance the real story! Andrissa is convinced her husband Allen is cheating on her. Let’s just say that she’s looking for a date that night after the lie detector results come in! Jodi accuses her Jerry of getting back with his x, Molly, who is here to set the record straight! Laurie found condoms and phone numbers in her boyfriend’s pocket. The truth is revealed when the guests hear “The Voice of Truth”! Finally, one lucky liar goes for a spin on the Wheel of Torture!