December 16, 2017

The Richard Bey Show – The Voice of Truth

You’re going to hear stories today from couples that are unsure of where their relationship is going. Terry is a newlywed who wants to know if her husband has ever cheated on her. Qourmina suspects her boyfriend of having a child with another woman! Theresa is pregnant with twins and suspects her husband of cheating on her with a coworker. Laura always hears about her husband picking up women at bars. One lucky liar goes for a spin on the Wheel of Torture!

The Richard Bey Show – My Cheatin’ Man

Mike claims he wasn’t cheating on his fiance with a stripper, Melissa. Well, Melissa is also is on the show to tell Mike’s fiance the real story! Andrissa is convinced her husband Allen is cheating on her. Let’s just say that she’s looking for a date that night after the lie detector results come in! Jodi accuses her Jerry of getting back with his x, Molly, who is here to set the record straight! Laurie found condoms and phone numbers in her boyfriend’s pocket. The truth is revealed when the guests hear “The Voice of Truth”! Finally, one lucky liar goes for a spin on the Wheel of Torture!

The Richard Bey Show – I Want My Money Back

Hear ye! Hear ye! All rise for Judge Bey and his Court of Great Appeal! Kathy helped Robert open a bar and now says that he owes her $49K in property damages and unpaid wages. Daisy claims that her best friend Jenny used her credit card at Home Depot and owes her $400. Cindy claims Carie borrowed her dress and ruined it, so she now owes her $150. Jackie alleges that her former roommate, Patty, skipped out on the rent and now owes her $450. The criminals pay by going for a spin on the “Wheel of Torture”, stepping up to the pie firing line, and drinking a criminal concoction!

The Richard Bey Show – Confronting Your Childhood Bully

Nerds confront the bullies who push them around! One lucky bully gets to go for a spin on the … WHEEL … OF … TORTURE!!!

The Richard Bey Show – Bey’s Best Games

Pies in the face! The Wheel of Torture! Bey’s Concoction! Butts Pull A Puny Marathon! Hot mothers & daughters get blue! Pigpen men! I Hate My Sister Summer Olympics! Human wedding cakes!

The Richard Bey Show – Talk Soup Clips

Clips featured on E!’s Talk Soup include: The Macabeyna, Chauvinist On Trial, The Wheel of Torture, Fondling Foods, Pretty Kooky, Mud-Skippin’ Billy, Big Mouth Bonanza, The Richie Show, A Hairy Mess, and Eddie The Alien.

The Richard Bey Show – The BEST OF The Richard Bey Show

This ten minute clip of The Richard Bey Show includes the wackiest, craziest, and funniest moments from The Richard Bey Show. Clips include … The OJ Trivia Feud, Dictator Wives, East Coast vs West Coast Bikini Contest, The Voice of Truth, The Wheel of Torture, The Gargantugames Mr. Punyverse, Judge Bey and his Court of Great Appeal, and Bey’s Bong Show.

The Richard Bey Show – I’m God’s Gift To Women

The guys on this show are here to prove that they’re God’s gift to women. They come out dressed in various animal suits, and the show ends with a ride on the Wheel of Torture!

Special thanks to columbusmediatalk for this video.