December 18, 2017

The Richard Bey Television Show – Dictator Wives

These men say their wives are like dictators and they’ve had it! They’re ready for a revolution! Alex does all the cooking ( using his ), cleaning, and taking care of the children while his wife Monica sits around and does nothing! Not only does she get Thomas’s paycheck the next day, but his fiance Liz is withholding sex! Cheryl caught Mark with his ex-wife, so she turned into Fidel Castro’s sister! Jerica dresses her husband Mark and makes him do all the housework! Secrets are revealed during the Dictator-ly Wed Game, and Sgt Dick Bey puts these recruits through an obstacle course where they prove their physical and mental toughness! In the end, the tyrant dictators have their date with destiny as they face the pie firing squad!

The Richard Bey Show – Deal or Date ’93

Will they find romance? Well, they’re going to get a halfway decent proposal — a deal or a date! Featuring spokes model Penthouse Pet Sam Phillips, this show originally aired on 4-20-93.

The Richard Bey Show – Bey’s Wild Kingdom

Family and friends confront the young and uncontrollable women in their lives! All the guests today have tried to domesticate the females in order to save them from themselves, but nothing has worked! Connie says her daughter Maria is so wild that she scares the neighbors! Helen says her 15 year old daughter Christina looks sleazy and is running around with guys much older than her! JD says that his fiance dresses so provocative that she might as well be wearing nothing at all! Phyllis is upset that her wild sister Nycolle strips for a living! These naughty girls get tamed in the end when they get “whipped” into shape!

The Richard Bey Show – Bey’s Bong Show ’93

It’s the most outrageous bad talent show on tv! If you think you’re untalented and there’s no hope for you, don’t give up! There’s always hope for you on Bey’s Bong Show! Acts include: Chris the Madonna impersonator, Kevin and karate chow chow Goliath, impressionist Martin, pretzel contortionists Laser & Alex, Frank the Birdman, drag singer Linda Leather, singing garbageman Frank “The Whale” Carbone, singing telegram John, fire eater/broken glass walker Huba Huba, Rob & his dog Rocco, weird food eater Jimmy Deo, and rappers Alex & Reggie. Bong Judges are Playboy model Tempest, Monty Rock, and fat Madonna impersonator Queer Donna.

The Richard Bey Show – Bey’s Bong Show ’94

Unique, bizarre, and unusual talents are here to show off in this year’s Bey’s Bong Show! Acts include: musicians Symphony Stan & Bongo Bob, rappers Colorful Ken & Jazzy Joe, fat belly dancer Madam Nina Rose, pretzel contortionists Laser & Alex, guy who hammers nails into his nose with a bat, freestyle trick bike performer Crazy Cory Pintoro, lounge lizard Steve Kanti, macabre magician Infantino, “stripper” Pansy Joe Franzy, guitar player (using teeth!) Vernon, and juggler Mike Payne! Guest judges Captain Lou Albano, Angela Bowie, and Nipsey Russell are on hand to bong the contestants!

The Richard Bey Show – Battle of the Sexes

On today’s program, the war rages on! It’s guys vs gals! Hunks vs babes! Put on your warpaint, and get ready to defend your gender as we present the ultimate battle of the sexes!

The Richard Bey Show – The Acadebey Awards

It’s a Bey-a-rama! Some of the loudest, weirdest, and best guests come back to compete for the Acadebey awards! Awards include: The Most Miserable Life Award, The Most Controversial Issue Award, The Most Hateful Sister Award, The Most Disgusting Husband Award, and The Marriageahobia Award. If you want to feel good about yourself, then watch this show. This is truly a conga line of freaks!

The Richard Bey Show – Yo! Richard! Only YOU can help!

Susan wants to clear the air with her ex-best friend Dee, who accuses her of sleeping with her man! Andrew is furious that Frances moved in with anther man after leaving town for only one week, but Frances says Andrew was nothing to her! Yosinnia is here to confront her husband, Angel, for not providing for their six children! Charisse is convinced her man Del is two-timing with her with his ex!

The Richard Bey Show – Honey, Your Friend or Me

They love their boyfriends, they love their husbands, but they hate their best friends! Shannon says if her boyfriend Brian doesn’t start choosing her over his annoying best friend Rob their relationship is over! Karen hates her husband Richie’s drunken buddy, Ed, so much that she has forbidden him from entering the home! Kristi says her boyfriend spends so much time with his best friend, Walter, that he even wanted him present while she was giving birth to his son! The show concludes as guests reveal secrets in a game of musical chairs and Rob gets a turn at the “Leave My Lover Alone Dating Game”!

The Richard Bey Show – Vain Moms

Today you’re going to meet daughters whose mothers are driving them crazy! The daughters are not that involved in fashion, don’t want to wear makeup, never have their hair done, and their moms are like beauty queens — always focusing in on appearances. Do they have vain moms or are their mothers just good role models? Next! On The Richard Bey Show.