January 21, 2018


It was relentlessly cold for most of my ten days in NYC. By the end of the trip I was looking forward to a swim in Florida!….I walked out of four different STARBUCKS in one afternoon without buying coffee when not one seat was available. Most were filled by patrons using the store as an office with computers and cold, long- empty cups. How can this be a good business model? STARBUCKS is supposed to feel like your living room, not BE your living room….I saw “Lost in the Stars” at ENCORES when I was in NYC. It was a beautiful production and if you missed it because of the NYT’s sour review you missed something you may not see again in your lifetime. Although its only been produced twice in sixty years it has a beautiful score by Kurt Weil and a moving libretto by Maxwell Anderson based upon ‘Cry The Beloved Country’. I was crying by the big intermission finale…I was struck by the number and variety of fast food cafes that have replaced pricey waiter serviced restaurants around town. There were so many new Japanese, Middle Eastern, Mexican fast food places all steps up from Taco Bell or Udon. One place even promoted its carbon-footprint as a selling point informing diners of the carbon expenditure on each selection!…The Soup Nazi is back! (Okay, he calls himself the soupMAN)….The scandal of the week in NYC was Mayor Bloomberg‘s comments about ‘drunken Irishmen’. Being half Irish that didn’t offend me. Being Jewish, what offended me was when he said all Jews think what he thinks!…While I was in NYC the SEC finally did something about my investment fund, filing four new charges against officers and suggesting that the court appoint a monitor for the fund. I first met with the SEC with my information last March 2009, with a subsequent meeting in September and continuous correspondence. (The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding fine). The GP of the fund tried an end run against the SEC by appointing his OWN independent monitor. The SEC vigorously fired back actually quoting my allegations in the court memorandum. The GP returned fire , defaming me in court documents. There was an email from him stating that I ‘was a very Limited Partner’ and ‘should get my head out of my ass’. I was preparing to travel down to Pearl Street at 2PM for the court date. At noon I received an email the date was off. The GP of the fund had caved to all SEC demands and a monitor was installed for the fund. Even a little guy with his head up his ass can get something done…Ate at ATLANTIC GRILLE and CIRCO (the owner’s father owns LE CIRQUE) Restaurant Week and had a great burger at THE BURGER JOINT in the Parker Meridian Hotel. The Joint is a little dive of a place behind a velvet curtain in the lobby. Also tried out the burgers at much praised 5 GUYS on W55th street which left me Meh. SHAKE SHACK remains my favorite burger in NYC. The shakes must have a zillion calories but taste incredible too…I took Kyle to see Miranda Cosgrove (Nickleodeon’s ICARLY) at the Beacon Theater. A group was going backstage to meet her and Kyle was upset he couldn’t do the same (“Tell them you were on TV! Let’s sneak in!”). A woman approached us in our seats, told me that she and her husband were big fans and asked to take a picture. Kyle was whining about backstage while we took the shot. She asked if Kyle was my son and when I said yes she handed us 2 extra backstage passes! Kyle was so nervous when we met Miranda Cosgrove he couldn’t bring himself to look at her face! Once outside he exclaimed: ‘She’s so hot!’ Now he wants to be an actor!…On my last day in the city I was a guest for an hour and a half on Curtis Sliwa’s show on 970AM THE APPLE. Curtis was going strong despite a weekday morning show, a weekday afternoon show and now a Saturday morning show. He looks great and fit, with perhaps a bit less hair than I remember. I’ve done long radio schedules but just thinking about his schedule makes me tired. Had lunch with Frank Morano who keeps pace with Sliwa. If you could harness their energy there would be no crisis!….And the days WERE longer in NYC

And Frank and Curtis’ days are even longer than that!