January 19, 2018

The Richard Bey Television Show – Lyin’ King

The women on today’s show are in love with men who are such big liars that they could be crowned “Lyin’ King”! Lauren says Pedro really has four children and is married! Deon has been lying to Pat about having money and not cheating on her, but he still wants to marry her! Evelyn accuses Jerry of hooking up with his ex-wife! Keisha and Larry are planning on getting married, but Larry has been hooking up with a few girls on the side! The truth comes out when The Voice of Truth makes his appearance, and secrets are revealed in the Lyin’-ly wed game! The man crowned “Lyin’ King” gets a messy reward in the end!

The Richard Bey Television Show – Dictator Wives

These men say their wives are like dictators and they’ve had it! They’re ready for a revolution! Alex does all the cooking ( using his ), cleaning, and taking care of the children while his wife Monica sits around and does nothing! Not only does she get Thomas’s paycheck the next day, but his fiance Liz is withholding sex! Cheryl caught Mark with his ex-wife, so she turned into Fidel Castro’s sister! Jerica dresses her husband Mark and makes him do all the housework! Secrets are revealed during the Dictator-ly Wed Game, and Sgt Dick Bey puts these recruits through an obstacle course where they prove their physical and mental toughness! In the end, the tyrant dictators have their date with destiny as they face the pie firing squad!

The Richard Bey Show – Honey, Your Friend or Me

They love their boyfriends, they love their husbands, but they hate their best friends! Shannon says if her boyfriend Brian doesn’t start choosing her over his annoying best friend Rob their relationship is over! Karen hates her husband Richie’s drunken buddy, Ed, so much that she has forbidden him from entering the home! Kristi says her boyfriend spends so much time with his best friend, Walter, that he even wanted him present while she was giving birth to his son! The show concludes as guests reveal secrets in a game of musical chairs and Rob gets a turn at the “Leave My Lover Alone Dating Game”!

The Richard Bey Show – Vain Moms

Today you’re going to meet daughters whose mothers are driving them crazy! The daughters are not that involved in fashion, don’t want to wear makeup, never have their hair done, and their moms are like beauty queens — always focusing in on appearances. Do they have vain moms or are their mothers just good role models? Next! On The Richard Bey Show.

The Richard Bey Show – To Wed or Not To Wed

Virginia is and 48 wants to marry 18-year old TJ, but her 16-year-old son says their whole plan is sickening! Mike was Amy’s first love. She just left her husband to be with him, but now she’s unsure whether to marry him! Tracy and John have had four different engagement rings, but they have yet to get married! Nellie and Anthony will be parents in literally minutes, but they can’t decide if they should get married because they can’t stand each other! The show concludes when the guests reveal secrets during the “To Wed or Not to Wed-ly Mr. or Miss-matched Game”!

The Richard Bey Show – Real Life Cinderellas

Tia claims that she’s a captive Cinderella at the hands of her evil sister! Venitia says that only a fairy godmother could save her from the torture of her lazy, evil sister Roseann! Raquia says that she could re-write the Cinderella fairy tail using her picture in the book! Michael, the “Cinderfella”, complains that his mom is making him do all the household chores that she is supposed to do! The Cinderellas are put through a grueling series of games to prove who the true Cinderella is!

The Richard Bey Show – My Man’s Addicted To Porn

Wives say that their husband is addicted to porn, and it’s ruining their relationship! The show features “The Pornly-wed Game” where husbands try to guess the secrets that their wife will reveal about them. In the “A Star Is Born” segment of the show, two male porn addicts audition for a role in a porn movie! But, little do they know that a surprise awaits them … a surprise of pies!!! Finally, the remaining porn addicts drink one of Bey’s famous concoctions! Note Richard’s reference to “the internet.”