January 16, 2018


The TSA outrage is a scandal place filler until we get to ‘They’re Stealing Christmas Again” after Thanksgiving… I took Kyle to see The Beatles recreation ‘Rain’ on Broadway. Guess which Beatles song they never played? The musicianship was good, the impersonations kind of creepy and weird. These were THE BEATLES if they had been the session band on Sesame Street. John and Paul were best buds complimenting each other on how great they were, happy and smiling the whole night. They even charmed the audience, telling us how much they loved us and how great we were. We were a bunch of old geezers with our kids! It was fun but I suspect if John had lived he would have set fire to the theater (or more likely, brought a bed into the lobby and slept in as a protest)… If Reagan taught us one thing its that deficits of attention don’t matter…When the weathermen all scream that a CAT 5 hurricane is heading your way you brace for it. If it turns out to be a CAT 3 (or a tropical storm) instead it’s almost a relief. That’s the way I felt after last week’s election. For me the loss most dearly felt was Sen. Russ Feingold in Wisconsin. I always regarded him as MY senator. … Why don’t they revive the ‘Big Brother’ franchise with Carl Pallodino, Christine O’Donnell, Alvin Greene and Sharon Angle. Allow baseball bats and guns into the house. And thorazine. I’m telling you, impressed with ratings for ‘Palin’s Alaska’?—this is a bigger hit!…The toxology reports came back for Charlie Sheen but the police couldn’t charge him. He only had enough drugs in his system for 2 and a half men… I had a great time filling in at Sirius. I ran into Howard Stern the first day. He was genuinely friendly and nice. I saw Denise Richards who was absolutely stunning but almost unrecognizably thin in real life. I watched the great actor, Ian McKellen through the glass separating our studios, his Magneto powers obviously in the off position. The callers on Sirius are also impressive, far more knowledgeable and coherent than those on terrestrial radio… Did you know that: 1. Rep.John Boehner, the new Majority Leader in the House used to be a salesman for and then president of a plastic company? That he was a Democrat until Reagan ran for president? That he claims to have never been inside a sunbed? I didn’t. Now we both know…I saw the Houdini exhibit at the Jewish Museum in NYC. Now I also know how Houdini escaped when bound tightly by ropes. You will too if you go…I just bought my next book after I finish Jonathon Franzen’s FREEDOM. Its SCORPIONS: FDR’S GREAT SUPREME COURT JUSTICES by Noah Feldman. The title was inspired by an observation that the justices acted like scorpions sealed together inside a bottle. Evidently they didn’t get along as well as our court. Antonin Scalia : My best friend on the Court is and has been for many years, Ruth Ginsburg. Her basic approach is not mine, but she’s a lovely person and a good loyal friend.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg : “Despite our sometimes strong differences, we remain good friends and people who respect each other and genuinely enjoy each others’ company.” Perhaps there is more our nation could learn from the court beyond its legal pronouncements! (Actually, another good idea for a TV show!)… If you really want to be sure about getting smaller government next election write in Verne Troyer for Congress…and why do the days in Florida seem so short? Go and read this detailed bb gun reviews by SA on their official website.