December 16, 2017

The Richard Bey Show – The Final Word

Sharida and Kedji last appeared on “Prom Date Disasters”, but KG couldn’t get a word in because of Sahreeda’s big mouth. Kim appeared on “Dictator Daughters” with her 14 year old daughter, Corina (pictured), a hot little tomato with a saucy attitude. If anyone knows what Corina is up to these days please contact us! Sheryl was told she was a roomate from hell on a previous episode, and she’s back to defend herself! Wayne appeared with Stacy on “Three Strikes You’re Out”, and this cheater is back to defend is wild ways!

The Richard Bey Show – Revenge On Mom

Guests on today’s show are angry at mom and seek revenge — Richard Bey style! These mothers snoop on their daughters, treat them like babies, bring them out to clubs when they’re only 10 years old, and even hire strippers for them! The show concludes with the “Sweet Revenge Mom Matchup”, and the pies fly!