January 19, 2018

The Richard Bey Show – The Voice of Truth

You’re going to hear stories today from couples that are unsure of where their relationship is going. Terry is a newlywed who wants to know if her husband has ever cheated on her. Qourmina suspects her boyfriend of having a child with another woman! Theresa is pregnant with twins and suspects her husband of cheating on her with a coworker. Laura always hears about her husband picking up women at bars. One lucky liar goes for a spin on the Wheel of Torture!

The Richard Bey Television Show – Lyin’ King

The women on today’s show are in love with men who are such big liars that they could be crowned “Lyin’ King”! Lauren says Pedro really has four children and is married! Deon has been lying to Pat about having money and not cheating on her, but he still wants to marry her! Evelyn accuses Jerry of hooking up with his ex-wife! Keisha and Larry are planning on getting married, but Larry has been hooking up with a few girls on the side! The truth comes out when The Voice of Truth makes his appearance, and secrets are revealed in the Lyin’-ly wed game! The man crowned “Lyin’ King” gets a messy reward in the end!

The Richard Bey Show – The Acadebey Awards

It’s a Bey-a-rama! Some of the loudest, weirdest, and best guests come back to compete for the Acadebey awards! Awards include: The Most Miserable Life Award, The Most Controversial Issue Award, The Most Hateful Sister Award, The Most Disgusting Husband Award, and The Marriageahobia Award. If you want to feel good about yourself, then watch this show. This is truly a conga line of freaks!

The Richard Bey Show – Yo! Richard! Only YOU can help!

Susan wants to clear the air with her ex-best friend Dee, who accuses her of sleeping with her man! Andrew is furious that Frances moved in with anther man after leaving town for only one week, but Frances says Andrew was nothing to her! Yosinnia is here to confront her husband, Angel, for not providing for their six children! Charisse is convinced her man Del is two-timing with her with his ex!

The Richard Bey Show – Honey, Your Friend or Me

They love their boyfriends, they love their husbands, but they hate their best friends! Shannon says if her boyfriend Brian doesn’t start choosing her over his annoying best friend Rob their relationship is over! Karen hates her husband Richie’s drunken buddy, Ed, so much that she has forbidden him from entering the home! Kristi says her boyfriend spends so much time with his best friend, Walter, that he even wanted him present while she was giving birth to his son! The show concludes as guests reveal secrets in a game of musical chairs and Rob gets a turn at the “Leave My Lover Alone Dating Game”!

The Richard Bey Show – One More Fling Before The Ring

Gene tells is pregnant fiance that he wants to hook up with Michelle, a stripper, before they get married! Erasmus tells his fiance, Rochelle, that he wants to have a fling with her best friend, Tazurdee! Shelly tells her fiance that she wants to have a one night stand with her best friend, Teddy! Richard makes the astute observation that she wants to see “Teddy bare.” Ha! Teddy, unfortunately, is about to find out that Shelly’s fiance has been sleeping with Teddy’s girlfriend! Spoiler alert: Buckwheat is really Shelly’s baby daddy, and he’s on the show to prove it!!! The producers pranked Richard during the show’s opening and extended the music until Richard almost passed out from dancing!

The Richard Bey Show – My Husband Is A Monster

Stripper Valerie says that her boxer husband of only five months is a womanizer. Lucille says that her truck driver boyfriend has been banging multiple women on the side. Richie has his girlfriend on 30 day lockdown because he’s so jealous and controlling. Kimberly complains that her mistrustful boyfriend follows her every move. Karen’s boyfriend is jealous of her even though he’s the one who split the cost of a prostitute with a friend! Liars are put to the test when when we hear from “The Voice of Truth”! Secrets are revealed as the guests compete in the Monster Mash Musical Chairs. The show concludes with one lucky monster getting messy in “Bey’s House of Horrors”!

The Richard Bey Show – My Ex Is Ruining Our Relationship

Lori says that Greg’s soon to be ex-wife Donna is a maniac who tried to kill her because she was dating Greg! Latisha wants to tell Edwin’s former girlfriend Shakinah to stop talking to them and leave them alone! Michelle says that Kenneth’s ex-wife is a constant source of trouble for them and is trying to break them up! The show concludes with the “Pick a Prince for My Royal Pain Dating Game.” Special guest audience appearance by Carnie Wilson.

The Richard Bey Show – Mad As Hell

John is mad as hell at Daniel for the bullying Daniel gave him in high school! Melissa is mad as hell at Mike for standing her up after a night of passion! Jason is mad at hell at his sister for leaving him stranded near the Mexican border, and taking all of his money! Larry is mad as hell and fed up that his best friend Becky dumps him every time she meets a new guy!

The Richard Bey Show – I’ve Had It!

Heather is fed up with her stepmother and wants her out of her father’s life! Lori (former prostitute) is tired of her abusive ex-boyfriend (drug addict and father of her kids) stalking her, lying to her, and stealing from her. Oneida is thorough with her younger cousin who steals anything that isn’t nailed down! These guests are on today’s show to say “I’ve had it!”