January 21, 2018

The Richard Bey Show – One More Fling Before The Ring

Gene tells is pregnant fiance that he wants to hook up with Michelle, a stripper, before they get married! Erasmus tells his fiance, Rochelle, that he wants to have a fling with her best friend, Tazurdee! Shelly tells her fiance that she wants to have a one night stand with her best friend, Teddy! Richard makes the astute observation that she wants to see “Teddy bare.” Ha! Teddy, unfortunately, is about to find out that Shelly’s fiance has been sleeping with Teddy’s girlfriend! Spoiler alert: Buckwheat is really Shelly’s baby daddy, and he’s on the show to prove it!!! The producers pranked Richard during the show’s opening and extended the music until Richard almost passed out from dancing!

The Richard Bey Show – You’re Not Good Enough For My Brother!

Sisters on today’s show say … I hate your girlfriend! I hate your fiance! I hate your wife! And she’ll never be a part of this family unless its over my dead body! The show finishes with the “Race for the Ring” dating game and Richard marries the winner in a fake talk show wedding!

The Richard Bey Show – I Said I Don’t But I Do

Tara begs Frank to take her back. Lisa told her (then married) boyfriend Pete “no” when he asked her to marry him. Today she’s here’s here to ask HIM to marry HER! Steve proposed to Jaquiline 25 years ago and she said no. Well she’s finally ready to say yes today! Carly lost her virginity to Ricky whom she now regrets turning down when he asked for her hand in marriage. Maria turned down Zan twice, but now she regrets her decision! The show ends with a wacky game — Richard Bey style! Hint: there is an iguana, a blender, and crickets involved!