January 16, 2018


Just got back to Florida after 10 days in NYC with Kyle…The night I landed I ran over to Elaine’s on 2nd Avenue for their farewell dinner before shutting down. The place was packed but Frank Morano scored a table in the back (thanks Frank!). I was not a regular but I had eaten at Elaine’s numerous times over the years. The first time I went there I was with MORTON DOWNEY! The last time with Mark Simone. Across the room a beautiful blonde waved to me and as I approached her table I realized it was Nancy Pearson, a gal I dated briefly decades ago! The last time I saw her she was wearing a glitter mini-dress and we were dancing on the stage of STUDIO 54 with the big coke spoon rocking above us. She introduced me as ‘Richard Bey from 2 on the Town’. (I co-hosted that show on WCBS from 1981-82)Elaine’s regulars weren’t the only ones skipping over good memories that night!…ICHIUMI is now one of my favorite restaurants in the city. It’s a gigantic Japanese buffet on 32nd and Madison. The main table must be 60 feet long with hot food, salads, sushi, soups and sashimi. Even raw oysters and cooked crab. They have a table devoted solely to desserts and a soup area as well. Everything is mouthwatering fresh and delicious and, of course, all you can eat. At 18 bucks for lunch M-Thurs its also a steal (dinner is about twice that price) I could eat 18 dollars worth of those glistening Northwest oysters alone! Check out ICHIUMI….I just noticed that John Kerry always pronounces ‘idea’ like ‘idear’, exactly like my friends from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn…I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 and X-men: First Class with Kyle. I thought X-men was the best of the entire series although it was disappointing to finally see proof for what I’ve long suspected. January Jones, ravishingly beautiful as always, was not blessed with other talents. The director wisely keeps us distracted by keeping her in lingerie most of the time. She was so good on ‘Mad Men’; kudos to the casting director and the directors who knew how to manipulate a shallow bitchiness and making it appear like a fascinating, complex neurosis. As for KFPanda, Kyle liked it, but I can’t honestly tell you what I thought of it: I enjoyed a $13.50 nap! I woke up long enough to see a mean peacock die… I listen to the Sunday news shows on I-pod and that offers advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that I hear them a day or two late but an advantage is that I can run the interview back if I’m not completely certain what was said (and a lot of what is said is unbelievable these days!) Another advantage is that by the time I listen breaking news from the shows has been placed in media context. I was belatedly listening to the Meet the Press where Gingrich called Ryan’s plan ‘right wing social engineering’ and ‘radical change’. Not one person in the final segment’s pundit panel, including David Gregory, acknowledged the importance of his statements or predicted the damage done to Newt’s campaign. Not one mentioned it! They cited other parts of his interview (his third wife, his Tiffany account) but they were oblivious to the statements that would dominate the news cycle for the next days … Katie Couric is not worth this much fuss. She is okay but she is NOT Oprah 2.0 Now that she is back in daytime will she be ‘perky’ again after spending years trying to ditch that label on the Evening News?…I shake my head in disbelief every time I see Ellen Degeneris’ face on a CoverGirl commercial. Is there any celebrity LESS like a covergirl?!? Is that the point?…Rosanne Barr (the next Covergirl spokesmodel?!?) had a frank and powerful piece in New York Magazine about what its like to be packaged as a TV celebrity. Its worth reading. Here’s a link: http://nymag.com/arts/tv/upfronts/2011/roseanne-barr-2011-5/
I saw two plays on my trip. JERUSALEM contains a memorable performance by Mark Rylance, one of my favorite actors. THE MOTHERFUCKER IN THE HAT was a searing, funny, dangerous, unforgettable night in the theater. These plays reflect similar themes and I want to write more about them so I’ll save comments until then but if you can score a ticket for MOTHERFUCKER, go see it! And Chris Rock’s presence in the cast is the LEAST important reason…In 2002, I predicted Kerry/Edwards as the ticket for ’04. No such luck this time around. Although I kept it to myself I had a feeling the Repub ticket would be Daniels/Rubio. Some days you turn over that magic 8 ball and what floats up is ‘TRY AGAIN!…CLICK HERE ….My brother, Jeff flew in from Japan and we had a great time together. Drove down to Key West, visited Hemingway’s house, Mel Fischer’s treasure museum, the most southern point in the continental US, watched the sunset in Mallory Square and had an incredible dinner at Café Sole, a fabulous French restaurant with fresh seafood. Miss ya, Jeff!…I haven’t had a blood pressure reading in years and was visiting my uncle the other day. After the nurse took his BP I asked if she would take mine. It was a moderately high shock to find it moderately high at 150/90. Could it be thefour cups of coffee I have each morning?!?! Or should this be the final straw that makes me give up smoking? Guess I must see a doctor….Anthony Weiner, well, what can you say? An outstanding audition for HANGOVER 3? We adore grown men acting like horny kids in our movies and we love clucking our tongues when they do so in real life… I sat in on Curtis Sliwa‘s show for an hour the morning I left town. As always it was fun. Curtis is quite thin after prostate surgery but looks good and his energy hasn’t diminished a whit… Another gorgeous day on the beach but why are the days in Florida so short?

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