January 16, 2018

The Richard Bey Show – I Said No Baby

Evelyn warned her 15 year old daughter, Diana, about pregnancy, but Diana ran away from home then came back expecting! Jacquilyn tried to warn Dionne about her no good boyfriend, but Dionne wound up getting pregnant! Bob warned his girlfriend, Neva, that he didn’t want kids, but now Neva is pregnant! And is now refusing to the baby any supplies like a baby bouncer seat. Charlene warned her sister Brenda to not get pregnant by her MARRIED boyfriend! Dr. Gilda Carle comes in at the end to offer some friendly advice.

The Richard Bey Show – I Beg You To Dump That Bum!

Lisa says that three days ago her mother ran off and married a “big loser.” Doug is a drop out who didn’t like her mom’s boyfriend telling him to go to school. Tina’s mom is angry that she’s dating a homeless crack addict/rapist. Debbie is begging her daughter to get rid of her married boyfriend. The show finishes with the “Revenge of the Daughter Dating Game”!