January 19, 2018

People Are Talking Philadelphia – Richard Bey Interviews John Houseman

Richard Bey interviews John Houseman on People Are Talking in Philadelphia.

People Are Talking Philadelphia – Richard Bey Interviews Jay Leno

Richard Bey interviews Jay Leno before his Tonight Show days on People Are Talking in Philadelphia.

People Are Talking Philadelphia – Richard Bey Interviews Roger Ebert

Richard Bey interviews Roger Ebert on People Are Talking in Philly.

Richard Bey Interviews Patricia Neal

Richard Bey interviews Patricia Neal on People Are Talking.

The Best Of Richard Bey’s Interviews

Highlights from interviews with Pat Buchannan, Steven Speilberg, Al Sharpton, Jimmy Carter, Sammy Davis Jr, and Gennifer Flowers.

People Are Talking NY – Richard Bey Interviews Sammy Davis Jr (full show)

Richard Bey interviews Sammy Davis Jr. on People Are Talking in NY. This interview lasted the entire duration of the show.

People Are Talking – Richard Bey Interviews Jimmy Carter

Richard Bey interviews President Jimmy Carter on People Are Talking.

Richard Bey Interviews Joan Rivers

Richard interviews Joan Rivers on People Are Talking.

I had the flu the day Joan was booked on the show but didn’t want to miss the interview which was broadcast live. I had seen Joan at numerous events and she was the most friendly and considerate of celebrities in her relationship with fans. Before the broadcast she was the most nervous celebrity I had ever interviewed. She perused a stack of cards with jokes, repeatedly asked which questions I was going to ask and seemed genuinely insecure. On the air she was confident, funny, spontaneous and simply genuine!

My favorite part of the interview was when she began digging at me…trying to instigate a fight with Regis Philbin. After the show producers from ‘Regis and Kathy Lee’ called my producers and asked: “What did Regis do to Richard? Why is he upset? We’re getting phone calls from viewers…” A few months later I walked into COLUMBUS, a West Side restaurant partially owned by Regis. He stood by his table, arms crossed, chagrined, shaking his head. “Richard, Richard, I don’t know what I did. I’m sorry. I don’t even remember meeting you!” Joy sat beside him, glaring at me, the creep who had hurt her man.

I felt two feet tall and I was the one apologizing now. He was a perfect gentleman, a mensch and was always friendly and supportive every time we met consequently. Later, when I was fired from Channel 9 he sat me down and gave me a pep talk, discussing all the times he had been fired and rehired. Joy was also great, suggesting I take up video games, something Regis did to pass the hours while unemployed.

Hope you all enjoy the JOAN RIVERS interview. Its an interesting companion piece to the new movie about her life. And a reminder that sometimes those with the most ‘show bizzy’ celebrity facades turn out to be the most genuine personalities under that slick patina…

Richard Interviews Jackie Mason

Richard interviews Jackie Mason back in the “9 Broadcast Plaza” days.

Coincidentally, Jackie Mason was the featured entertainment at my Bar Mitzvah celebration.  After a Bar Mitzvah that included the anachronistic ‘Grandpa Sullivan lighting the Bar Mitzvah cake!’ we gathered that night at Ben Maksik’s Town and Country in Brooklyn.  Bernadette Castro (who was the ‘first to conquer living space with a Castro Convertible!’, later a Republican politician in NY) was a singer and his opening act.   Another coincidence was that one week after my Bar Mitzva, Jackie Mason was on Ed Sullivan creating the scandal that would smother his career for years.

For some reason Jackie and his handler seemed reticent about doing the live interview with me on Channel 9.   His manager, Jill had put us on the back burner for months.  Once we got on air together it seemed like we were testing each other at first but soon we hit it off.  We remain friends and each time he sees me he calls me:  ‘THE ANNOUNCER!’ in that singular bombastic NY accent.  He’s been very supportive and often asks how someone so talented could be out of work–he means me but one could ask the same about him at various points in his career. (The reasons IMO are similar as well–we both have big mouths and speak whats on our minds regardless of the consequences!)  At one time he even recommended THE RICHARD BEY SHOW for Channel 4 in England and they called for some clips.  They ultimately decided it was ‘too American’.  Sometime after this interview Jackie was given a show on Channel 9 that you may remember. His producer was the same one for my show, PEOPLE ARE TALKING, Rosemary Henri.

Hope you enjoy the interview…