December 18, 2017

The Richard Bey Show – Bey’s Pigpen Men

Women say that their men are such big chauvanist pigs that they should be king of the barnyard. Each woman gets back at her man by revealing a secret about their pig on one of Bey’s famous giant cards. The ladies really get their revenge at the end in Bey’s Barnyard! Spoiler alert: it gets messy! In true Richard Bey style, the set is appropriately decorated with hay bales and live chickens.

The Richard Bey Show – My Man’s Addicted To Porn

Wives say that their husband is addicted to porn, and it’s ruining their relationship! The show features “The Pornly-wed Game” where husbands try to guess the secrets that their wife will reveal about them. In the “A Star Is Born” segment of the show, two male porn addicts audition for a role in a porn movie! But, little do they know that a surprise awaits them … a surprise of pies!!! Finally, the remaining porn addicts drink one of Bey’s famous concoctions! Note Richard’s reference to “the internet.”

The Richard Bey Show – My Ex Is Ruining Our Relationship

Lori says that Greg’s soon to be ex-wife Donna is a maniac who tried to kill her because she was dating Greg! Latisha wants to tell Edwin’s former girlfriend Shakinah to stop talking to them and leave them alone! Michelle says that Kenneth’s ex-wife is a constant source of trouble for them and is trying to break them up! The show concludes with the “Pick a Prince for My Royal Pain Dating Game.” Special guest audience appearance by Carnie Wilson.

The Richard Bey Show – Mom … Stop Competing With Me!

PJ says that her mother Pauletta should act her age and stop competing with her! Mazelle is upset that her mom competes with her, but it’s her mom who says Mazelle is trying to copy her style! Yvonne has five grandchildren and has been married five times, yet continues to compete with her daughter! Tanya and Barbara get mistaken for sisters all the time, and they consider the competition to be healthful to their relationship. Dawn is tired of her mother wearing her clothes! Mary is always hanging out with Charlene’s friends and she is almost like their second mother. The show concludes with a wacky competition for a night out on the town.

The Richard Bey Show – Deal or Date

Contestants decide whether they want to make a deal or trade it in for a date!

The Richard Bey Show – Bey’s Summer ’96 Olympics

Guests run a marathon in naked body suits, have a water gun fight, endure a grueling trivia contest, drink Bey’s famous concoction, then finish it off with a pillow fight to win the gold in Beys ’96 Summer Olympics!

The Richard Bey Show – Too Perfect

Today’s guests look perfect, they act perfect, and worst of all, they know that they’re perfect. That drives their friends perfectly crazy! Cerra says that her cousin Illana is so perfect that even her school supplies have to match her outfits! Shawonna’s friend Staci thinks she’s so perfect that she went to the emergency room for a pimple on her face! Cristy’s friend Trina takes three hours to get ready because she thinks she’s perfect! Nakia is annoyed that her cousin, Shirley, is trying to be as perfect as her! Marta says that her sister Helia is so perfect she thinks every man in the world wants her! The show concludes with the “Perfect Match” game, and the miss perfects pay a visit to the “ugly parlor”!

The Richard Bey Show – Bey’s Best Games

Pies in the face! The Wheel of Torture! Bey’s Concoction! Butts Pull A Puny Marathon! Hot mothers & daughters get blue! Pigpen men! I Hate My Sister Summer Olympics! Human wedding cakes!

The Richard Bey Show – I Hate My Wild Sister

They dress too sexy! They flirt shamelessly! And they get guys the same way they get beer … by the six pack! They’re young and wild, and they love it … but their sisters hate it!

Special thanks to columbusmediatalk for this video.