December 16, 2017

The Richard Bey Show – Preppies vs Guidettes

It’s a battle of fashion and style! A battle of manner and attitude! It’s the battle between preppies and guidettes! The guidettes have big hair, big nails, and big mouths, and this is their chance to take on the preppies! Each side makes their case to the audience then the “The Great Conversion” happens where preppies turn into guidettes and guidettes turn into preppies! Spoiler alert: hot preppies!!!

The Richard Bey Show – Gargantu Gut vs Thunder Thighs Part Deux

Men with the biggest beer bellies – Mr. Gargantu Gut – women with the largest cellulite thighs – Ms. Thunder Thighs – compete in the second annual Gargantu Games on The Richard Bey Show! Guest judges include Grandpa Munster Al Lewis, radio talk show host Lisa Jean, wrestler Captain Lou Albano, and Nina Rose! Thunder Thighs finalists get messy in the “Saddlebags Push & Mush” wrestling game, and Gargantu Guts paint Pepto Bismol “Gut Prints” as they compete for the title! Finally, the women with thunder thighs help stuff the face of the big bellied men in the “Gargantu Gorge”! This show is a true Richard Bey Show classic!

The Richard Bey Television Show – Dictator Wives

These men say their wives are like dictators and they’ve had it! They’re ready for a revolution! Alex does all the cooking ( using his ), cleaning, and taking care of the children while his wife Monica sits around and does nothing! Not only does she get Thomas’s paycheck the next day, but his fiance Liz is withholding sex! Cheryl caught Mark with his ex-wife, so she turned into Fidel Castro’s sister! Jerica dresses her husband Mark and makes him do all the housework! Secrets are revealed during the Dictator-ly Wed Game, and Sgt Dick Bey puts these recruits through an obstacle course where they prove their physical and mental toughness! In the end, the tyrant dictators have their date with destiny as they face the pie firing squad!

The Richard Bey Show – Deal or Date ’93

Will they find romance? Well, they’re going to get a halfway decent proposal — a deal or a date! Featuring spokes model Penthouse Pet Sam Phillips, this show originally aired on 4-20-93.

The Richard Bey Show – Bey’s Wild Kingdom

Family and friends confront the young and uncontrollable women in their lives! All the guests today have tried to domesticate the females in order to save them from themselves, but nothing has worked! Connie says her daughter Maria is so wild that she scares the neighbors! Helen says her 15 year old daughter Christina looks sleazy and is running around with guys much older than her! JD says that his fiance dresses so provocative that she might as well be wearing nothing at all! Phyllis is upset that her wild sister Nycolle strips for a living! These naughty girls get tamed in the end when they get “whipped” into shape!

The Richard Bey Show – Battle of the Sexes

On today’s program, the war rages on! It’s guys vs gals! Hunks vs babes! Put on your warpaint, and get ready to defend your gender as we present the ultimate battle of the sexes!

The Richard Bey Show – Vain Moms

Today you’re going to meet daughters whose mothers are driving them crazy! The daughters are not that involved in fashion, don’t want to wear makeup, never have their hair done, and their moms are like beauty queens — always focusing in on appearances. Do they have vain moms or are their mothers just good role models? Next! On The Richard Bey Show.

The Richard Bey Show – Richard, I Love You!

Guests on today’s show love The Richard Bey Show. They’re such big fans that they’re here to say, “Richard, I love you!” It’s a salute to the show’s most passionate, devoted, and crazy fans! By the end of the show, you will saying, “Where do they find these people?!”

The Richard Bey Show – Real Life Cinderellas

Tia claims that she’s a captive Cinderella at the hands of her evil sister! Venitia says that only a fairy godmother could save her from the torture of her lazy, evil sister Roseann! Raquia says that she could re-write the Cinderella fairy tail using her picture in the book! Michael, the “Cinderfella”, complains that his mom is making him do all the household chores that she is supposed to do! The Cinderellas are put through a grueling series of games to prove who the true Cinderella is!

The Richard Bey Show – You’re Not Good Enough For My Brother!

Sisters on today’s show say … I hate your girlfriend! I hate your fiance! I hate your wife! And she’ll never be a part of this family unless its over my dead body! The show finishes with the “Race for the Ring” dating game and Richard marries the winner in a fake talk show wedding!