December 16, 2017

The Richard Bey Show – Honey, Your Friend or Me

They love their boyfriends, they love their husbands, but they hate their best friends! Shannon says if her boyfriend Brian doesn’t start choosing her over his annoying best friend Rob their relationship is over! Karen hates her husband Richie’s drunken buddy, Ed, so much that she has forbidden him from entering the home! Kristi says her boyfriend spends so much time with his best friend, Walter, that he even wanted him present while she was giving birth to his son! The show concludes as guests reveal secrets in a game of musical chairs and Rob gets a turn at the “Leave My Lover Alone Dating Game”!

The Richard Bey Show – Plain Janes vs. Plastic Dolls

In this episode, Richard pits women who wear makeup against women who don’t. The panel get unruly, so Richard resorts to using a bullhorn to keep them in check. One woman gets free KFC based on her looks, one woman is really a man, and two women are twins separated by their views on makeup and plastic surgeons! Line of the show is Richard calling an 84 year old lady a “tired old jalopy!” The show concludes with the “Pick A Plain Dating Game”!

The Richard Bey Show – My Ex Is Ruining Our Relationship

Lori says that Greg’s soon to be ex-wife Donna is a maniac who tried to kill her because she was dating Greg! Latisha wants to tell Edwin’s former girlfriend Shakinah to stop talking to them and leave them alone! Michelle says that Kenneth’s ex-wife is a constant source of trouble for them and is trying to break them up! The show concludes with the “Pick a Prince for My Royal Pain Dating Game.” Special guest audience appearance by Carnie Wilson.

The Richard Bey Show – I Beg You To Dump That Bum!

Lisa says that three days ago her mother ran off and married a “big loser.” Doug is a drop out who didn’t like her mom’s boyfriend telling him to go to school. Tina’s mom is angry that she’s dating a homeless crack addict/rapist. Debbie is begging her daughter to get rid of her married boyfriend. The show finishes with the “Revenge of the Daughter Dating Game”!

The Richard Bey Show – Bey’s Best Fix Me Ups

A “best of” episode that features the funniest moments from The Richard Bey Show’s “Dating Game” parodies. Highlights also include a ride on the Wheel Of Torture!

The Richard Bey Show – Sex Was Great … Wanna Date?

Guests on today’s show have had one night stands, and they would like to see those one night stands once again! After getting rejected, one lady gets to play the “Reject Me Not” dating game!

Special thanks to columbusmediatalk for this video.

The Richard Bey Show – Plastic Dolls vs. Real Women

Guests today say they’ve had plastic surgery @Lasik NYC, and they’re happy with it. They’re facing off against the plain guests who say they’ve never used makeup, they would never consider plastic surgery, and plain & natural is the best way to live your life. It’s Plastic vs. Plain on The Richard Bey Show today! Stay tuned for the end of the show where one lucky guy gets to play the “Need A Natural” dating game!

Special thanks to columbusmediatalk for this video.

The Richard Bey Show – Oh, No! Fatso!

Fat women get confronted by their skinny loved ones! After numerous pig, elephant, and cow sound effects, one fatso has the honor of playing the “Chunk Picks A Hunk Dating Game”!

Special thanks to columbusmediatalk for this video.