December 18, 2017

The Richard Bey Show – My Cheatin’ Man

Mike claims he wasn’t cheating on his fiance with a stripper, Melissa. Well, Melissa is also is on the show to tell Mike’s fiance the real story! Andrissa is convinced her husband Allen is cheating on her. Let’s just say that she’s looking for a date that night after the lie detector results come in! Jodi accuses her Jerry of getting back with his x, Molly, who is here to set the record straight! Laurie found condoms and phone numbers in her boyfriend’s pocket. The truth is revealed when the guests hear “The Voice of Truth”! Finally, one lucky liar goes for a spin on the Wheel of Torture!

The Richard Bey Show – I’ve Had It!

Heather is fed up with her stepmother and wants her out of her father’s life! Lori (former prostitute) is tired of her abusive ex-boyfriend (drug addict and father of her kids) stalking her, lying to her, and stealing from her. Oneida is thorough with her younger cousin who steals anything that isn’t nailed down! These guests are on today’s show to say “I’ve had it!”

The Richard Bey Show – I Know Something You Don’t Know

Carolyn tells her sister-in-law, Kelly, that her husband is cheating. Then, Kelly turns around and tells Carolyn that her husband is cheating on her! Mark brings Kanita on the show to tell her that he’s still in love with her and wants her to dump her husband to marry him! Little does Mark know, Kanita’s husband John, is listening to everything. Tamara confronts her friend who has been hiding that she’s a stripper. Tamyra tells Armone something that he wasn’t expecting … she is!