January 16, 2018

The Richard Bey Show – Gargantu Gut vs Thunder Thighs Part Deux

Men with the biggest beer bellies – Mr. Gargantu Gut – women with the largest cellulite thighs – Ms. Thunder Thighs – compete in the second annual Gargantu Games on The Richard Bey Show! Guest judges include Grandpa Munster Al Lewis, radio talk show host Lisa Jean, wrestler Captain Lou Albano, and Nina Rose! Thunder Thighs finalists get messy in the “Saddlebags Push & Mush” wrestling game, and Gargantu Guts paint Pepto Bismol “Gut Prints” as they compete for the title! Finally, the women with thunder thighs help stuff the face of the big bellied men in the “Gargantu Gorge”! This show is a true Richard Bey Show classic!

The Richard Bey Show – Bey’s Bong Show ’94

Unique, bizarre, and unusual talents are here to show off in this year’s Bey’s Bong Show! Acts include: musicians Symphony Stan & Bongo Bob, rappers Colorful Ken & Jazzy Joe, fat belly dancer Madam Nina Rose, pretzel contortionists Laser & Alex, guy who hammers nails into his nose with a bat, freestyle trick bike performer Crazy Cory Pintoro, lounge lizard Steve Kanti, macabre magician Infantino, “stripper” Pansy Joe Franzy, guitar player (using teeth!) Vernon, and juggler Mike Payne! Guest judges Captain Lou Albano, Angela Bowie, and Nipsey Russell are on hand to bong the contestants!