January 21, 2018


I never thought much of Ben Affleck as an actor but he was very good in THE TOWN And even better as the movie’s director. Still the moment you began thinking about it the plot had some holes in it you could drive an armored car through….’The Event’ just jumped the shark for me after only four episodes. I gave it a chance, even excused the gorgeous model playing a government assassin–but last week they lost it completely. One more slot open now on the DVR….Why do people keep saying tax cuts for the rich and corporations will create jobs? Business is already sitting on a trillion dollars that hasn’t created jobs. The richest Americans already have the second lowest marginal tax rate in almost a century. No entity (except government, perhaps) will create a job without demand for the product. There is low demand for products because consumers in debt, jobless, with stagnant wages have little money for discretionary spending. If the hundreds of millions in the middle and working classes had money to spend jobs would arise to service their demand…I would never even think of giving Christine O’Donnell a vote. But I always feel a strong urge to give her a big hug and tell it will be alright. Is it just me?…I just finished THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins. It was written for teens but a great read for adults as well. Hundreds of years after the destruction of America workers are oppressed by the rulers in the Capitol of a dystopian country called Panem. Every year, each of its 12 states must sacrifice 2 children between the ages of 12 and 18 for a fight to the death in a reality show broadcast throughout the realm. A great page turner, solid characters, a bit of social commentary and a plot that races along as swiftly as its athletic heroine. Even kids are being drawn into the apocalyptic zeitgeist of our age!…After attending this weeks debate between my Democratic representative and Teabagger challenger Col. Alan West I realized there is no enthusiasm gap. There’s a fanaticism gap…I ate at OUTBACK for the first time in my life and IT WAS REALLY GOOD. Steak (Pittsburgh style-never heard of it), baked potato loaded with everything and broccoli: $9.99! Service was excellent as well…WE needed a more soulless version of THE VIEW like we need new versions of REAL HOUSEWIVES but we do need one wife–THE GOOD WIFE. Every time I watch it I end up laughing in amazement that a show so good made it through the gauntlet of idiot network programmers. How did THAT happen?…Political candidates are the new reality stars—folks with no special talents, experience, intelligence except unbridled audacity and a passion for grandstanding in the media. Is THE REAL HOUSEMEMBERS of–(fill in the location), far away?….With all the cries of ‘MAN UP!’ in this campaign it might be time to remember Macbeth’s words (Shakespeare’s commentary on political ruthlessness): ‘I dare do all that may become a man, Who dares do more is none.”…Another year without one hurricane in Florida but homeowners insurance keeps going up 10% a year…I understand Don Draper–I think…. NPR’s firing of Juan Williams for his comments was ridiculous but don’t be fooled into thinking that FOXNEWS is now a promoter of diverse and unbridled opinion….Just a reminder for those interested: I will be on Sirius Left for Lynn Samuels all next week, Channel 146 1-3, the following week for Alex Bennet Channel 146 9-12 AM….and why do the days seem so short in Florida?