January 21, 2018


Remember the McCain ad skewering Obama for being a celebrity without substance? ( SEE HERE ) Isn’t it ironic that the same group that cheered this ad are now cheering their political heroes on Dancing with the Stars, hosting TV shows and joined at the hip with TV and radio celebrities at public appearances? Three of the foremost candidates for the Republican presidential nomination are even on a television payroll as celebrities, some with their own shows–(I know you are but what am I?)…. I’m always invigorated when I arrive in the city and completely exhausted when I leave it. I just flew back to Florida last night…..It could be that the best book I’ve read in a while (and recently I’ve read quite a few excellent books): ROOM by Emma Donoghue. I’m only halfway through it so I’m in one of those states silently praying to the author ‘please, please, don’t blow it in the end’. The chapter I read last night was so special I reread it this morning to make sure it was really that good. It was. Room is wonderfully, almost magically written, thrilling, horrifying and joyous at the same time with characters you will love and believe in (including some that aren’t alive!) And the narrator of the tale is someone you will never ever forget. I implore you to read it…Have you watched kids in a schoolyard recently? They run around in circles, do handstands and cartwheels, scream with hysterical joy, playfight—Its like watching the anarchic release of an explosion! Did we really erupt that wildly when we were that age? I remember punchball and ordered games, standing in line when they blew the whistle. I remember the resentment of order and orientation in elementary school, I just can’t remember that visceral kablooey when it was temporarily lifted…I know we’re all frustrated with Obama, and that woman at the CNBC Q&A expressed what a lot of Americans are feeling but at this point in the Bush administration he hadn’t even invaded Iraq yet!…If you want to really see how stupid pop music is these days read the lyrics on the videos without sound while running on a treadmill. (Take it off! Take it off!)…At least Channel 11 is trying to do something different with local news. All NY local newscasts are generic and the same. In the early nineties I proposed Channel 9 try a different format based upon a successful newscast in Japan. It may or may not work out at Channel 11 but at least the news director at WPIX has the imagination and guts to create something new…On the same topic, anyone remember when you could tell local anchors and reporters apart? Remember when they had personality? Roger Grimsby, Myra Wollinsky, Chauncy Howell, Tom Snyder (even the ill-fated, rape-happy Tex Antoine?). These days most local news people look like they just flew in from Des Moines…If its really YOUR money how come you can’t legally print it, deface it or destroy it? You can do whatever you want with your gold….and why do the days seem so short in Florida?