January 21, 2018

Madison: Your New Tropical Vacation Spot!

FoxNews ran clips of the Wisconsin demonstrations while a FoxNews reporter describes how liberal organizations (of which he could not name one–there were just too, too many of them!) were busing in out of state agitators. Funny how when Americans for Prosperity bused protesters into Madison from out of state (25 buses from Pennsylvania!) FoxNews was cheerleading them on.

For days we’ve been told how bitter cold and snowy its been in Madison, Wisconsin, that despite inclement weather a hundred thousand protesters showed up. Obviously, the main stream media is caught lying again. Its sunny and warm in Madison according to FoxNews! Protesters wear short sleeve shirts (CORRECTION: It has been pointed out correctly that no short sleeve shirts are visible in the video). Its almost tropical! Why Madison even has palm trees!

Take a look at the video:

Well, thank goodness for small favors. It could have been worse.

At least FoxNews didn’t try to slip in a shot of protests in Libya (also with palm trees)!

Next up: My old partner Steve Malzberg gets FoxNews presidential candidate Mike Huckabee to elaborate upon Obama‘s childhood growing up with the Mau-Maus in Kenya!

Gotta love Steve…I’ll never forget the time he railed into the microphone about Saddam having VX, sarin, anthrax and WMD. It was clear he was reading directly from NEWSMAX and didn’t know that WMD was an acronym (these were the early days of warmongering). I asked him what WMD stood for and he said it must be the chemicals in a poison gas. “Noooo,” I replied and began crooning the ‘Jeapardy’ theme song. I gave him the first word but he still didn’t get it.

If Steve heard that Obama was a ‘Keynesian’ he’d cite that as proof of his citizenship…