December 15, 2017


…AT 8:45 AM on Tuesday, August 3rd.  Curtis airs on  97am on the am dial…You can listen on the internet at:

The topic is Snookie’s arrest and JERSEY SHORE  (I know, a topic of earth moving proportions!).  The Richard Bey Show was I believe the first TV program to explore this fascinating American subculture.  Remember  JERSEY GIRLS vs CALIFORNIA GIRLS, PREPPIES vs. GUIDETTES?  And most of the shirtless hunks who adorned the stage and spun THE WHEEL OF TORTURE were prototypes for the SITUATION.

SNOOKIE’s bad  behavior propels her career while Lindsey Lohan’s destroys hers.   Why is that?  Gov. Christie tries to lay the blame on Staten Island and NY.  Why isn’t he proud of this vibrant and popular native Jersey culture!  Snookie isn’t Italian and she wasn’t born in America!!  Are Eye-talians taking the rap for Chilean bad behavior?   Will the other Lindsey (Graham) try to take her citizenship away by amending the fourteenth amendment?

These and other issues of great import will all be part of the discussion tomorrow at 8:45 am on THE CURTIS SLIWA SHOW on 97 on the am dial…BE THERE!