December 22, 2014

How Times Have Changed

How times have changed

Is the Madonna video suitable for the airwaves? Is Howard Stern acceptable for broadcast radio? Unbelievable how quickly times change…(a half decade later THE RICHARD BEY SHOW was a part of the controversy!)

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  • Bart Lidofsky

    I just had a discussion yesterday about reality (or, better, unscripted) television then and now. Your show(s) came up, of course, but, as has been pointed out many times, there was one major difference between you and the other shows pushing the edge: you never pretended to be anything different than what you were. If you had a man who used to be a woman marrying a woman who used to be a man, you were up front that it was totally ridiculous, with no pretenses of, ‘This will help others in the same position.” Sigh.

  • Ed Chalpin

    Hi Richard, My name is Ed Chalpin and you did a story on me and my studio that I want to speak to you about. It Karoke, which you were the originator of and don”t realize it……we alot to talk about, and something to tell you. Please contact us at and 212-247-6010. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

  • Lissish

    I want to get the episode wedding party poopers if you have it hit me up

  • John Caron

    Hi Richard! Is there any way I can get a copy of your channel 9 show (WOR Secaucus NJ) from the late 80’s when you had Howard Stern on? I would greatly appreciate it!
    My email is:
    Please let me know. Thanks, John Caron!

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