February 21, 2018

Richard Bey on UbaTV.com – HANNITY’S APOLOGIES

I worked at WABC radio for almost four years. Hannity and I shared a studio most of that time both when he was a local and later a syndicated host. ‘The Buzz’, co-hosted with Steve Malzberg directly followed the Hannity Show. Off-air, Sean is an ingratiating friendly sort, the kind of guy who claps you on the back and calls out ‘Hey, Buddy!’ We walked together almost everday when my show was shortened by Yankee Games, up Broadway, he to FoxNews and I to my apartment on 57th.

Sean is as likeable as Harold Hill (the musical one, not the mafia guy). And about as reliably honest. This particular clip from ubaTV came about when I heard his first apology for misleading or misinforming his audience. On his FOXNEWS show he presented clips, amateurishly edited together from different demonstrations to create the impression that a Teabagger demonstration was larger than it actually was. He was caught red-handed and he did apologize…the only time I’ve ever seen him do so. But obviously, not the only time he should have done so!

Winston Churchill once remarked about his political adversary Stanley Baldwin:

“He occasionally stumbled over the truth, but hastily picked himself up and hurried on as if nothing had happened….”

I think that fits Sean to a T! Or should I say Tea?!?

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