December 15, 2017

Richard Bey – Truster Pilot

These are scenes from “Truster”, a pilot Richard Bey did shortly after The Richard Bey Show went off the air. It features the Truster voice analysis software that determines the veracity of the guests’ statements. Are they telling the truth?? Just ask Truster!

Inside Turkey – A documentary hosted by Richard Bey

Experience the sights, sounds and culture of Turkey as Richard Bey takes you on a trip through the country.

Confessions – A Short Movie Starring Richard Bey

In this short film, Richard Bey plays a Catholic priest who gets tortured by gangsters. Will he break?

This is a short film directed by Chris White and shot over 2 days in an abandoned house in Bed-Stuy. We had a fantastic crew and I am grateful to have worked with Chris, Paris and all the rest…miss you guys!

Bruno Official Movie Trailer

“Today With Richard Bey” features Richard interviewing Bruno just after he adopted an African baby … for an iPod!

Richard In Bruno Movie – “Baby Swap”

A clip from Richard’s appearance in the Bruno movie. ┬áRichard asks how Bruno got the baby and what its name is.